Chapter 11: Shibusa Studio & Other Jewelry Photography LED Enclosures

You'll like this chapter if you're looking for inexpensive options

The Shibusa Studio and other LED lighting enclosures are great for smartphone users.  Smartphone jewelry photography is an attractive alternative to DSLR cameras because it's easier and always more convenient to use a smartphone. Most jewelers we speak to at trade shows would rather spend money on a new smartphone; then figure out how to get a good photo using an inexpensive setup than to invest in the DSLR cameras with expensive light boxes or lighting setups. Financially, this makes a lot of sense, especially when you consider that the smartphones of today take photos as good as the DSLR cameras of 2008. 

In this chapter write-up, and in the jewelry photography videos, you'll see the challenges of shooting in a photo studio that has an open side; as a hint, it has similar problems to shooting on an infinity table.  

This is a very long chapter with plenty of information about DSLR shooting, smartphone shooting, and editing the photos taken with each.

The information you'll learn in this chapter is usable in all LED tabletop photo studio setups.

The 3 sample videos below are a tiny taste of what's inside this chapter.

Example of an LED photo enclosure used for smartphone jewelry photography

Example of an LED photo enclosure used for smartphone jewelry photography



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