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This is a jewelry photography training course for those who don't have the time or desire to become a jewelry photography expert.  These sessions are for those who are building a website, or managing their social media account, and need to learn how to take better photos that will sell products.

Inside "The Whole Picture: Jewelry Photography Training" (v2.1) you'll find more than 7 hours of video training split across 13 chapters and 50 segments.  That might sound overwhelming, but it was created to help you improve your skills and reduce the overall costs involved with jewelry photography.

Every video offers bites of photography theory and practical examples on how to think through and navigate the difficulties of jewelry photography.  Unlike other photography training classes that present solutions to specific scenarios, we chose to show you how to identify and solve the problems that are encountered every day by jewelers and jewelry designers all over the world. 

This course features training using a Canon DSLR camera and an iPhone. It doesn't matter if you are taking photos with your smartphone or with your DSLR camera; you should have a basic understanding of lighting temperature, aperture, ISO, and lenses that this course will teach you. Even though the information we provide references Canon cameras and iPhones, the information imparted is the basic knowledge that every amateur photographer should learn.

This will be the single best investment into your website and social media marketing.

Learn Jewelry Photography From Matthew Perosi

Years of jewelry trade show photography seminars and photography classes have resulted in this ultimate video version of Matthew's complete jewelry photography training.


This is a one-time purchase of the entire 23GB downloadable training.  

The techniques presented in the video have been around for many years and will be around for many years to come, regardless how advanced DSLR cameras and smartphones become. 

Once you have it downloaded, you'll be able to watch any section over and over again until you've mastered the concepts.  Better yet, you'll be able to share it with any of your employees who need to learn how to improve their photography. 

Every page of this site gives you sample videos taken right from the course along with details of what you'll learn. Browse around or just order now.

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What Will You Learn?

Everything Needed For Ecommerce and Social Media Jewelry Photography

  • Light Temperature
  • Light Intensity
  • F-Stops
  • Depth-of-Field
  • ISO/Film Speed
  • Choosing Lenses
  • Choosing a Camera
  • Photography Props
  • Examples of studios that work within the space you have
  • How to take photos with a DSLR and smartphone
  • How to edit photos on your smartphone
  • How to edit photos on your desktop without Photoshop
  • Editorial/Lifestyle Photography 
  • Jewelry Photography Problem Solving
  • And a lot more as shown on our chapter description pages

Start off Your Photography Education Right

Other photography classes are brief and show you how to take photos in an ideal studio that is usually too big for your own space.  We are showing you how to take photos that will work within your space and in your real life.

Learning Photography is More Than a 1,2,3 Step process

Photography is an art, not a science, yet other photography classes are presented with ideas, studio setups, and perfectly rehearsed scripts that make photography seem easy.  In our course, you'll see an honest, unscripted presentation of jewelry photography problem solving.  

By the end of the course, you'll understand how to identify common photography issues on your own, and you'll know how to solve them by yourself, which is something you won't learn in any other jewelry photography course.

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MATTHEW PEROSI, Your Instructor

Matthew Perosi headshot, the person giving the jewelry photography training

Your guide through all of this info is the friendly faced, learned, and experienced photographer and website marketing professional.  While he has decades of internet experience, he has maintained a laser focus on the trends, mistakes, and frustrating elements that mar the jewelry industry, the biggest being photography that doesn't sell.  

As a journalist, speaker, and business owner, he has made it a mission to teach jewelry professionals how to photograph their products the best and most effective ways.  You can often catch Matthew teaching parts of this photography class at MJSA Expos, MJSA Confabs, AGTA Shows, at NYC Business Expos, and his photography tips have been published in the MJSA Journal.


Jewelry photo taken with a smartphone and a macro lens.

Other photography courses show you how to take photos of 1 item in 1 setting.  We've chosen to show you how to take photos of the same 7 items in different lighting studios so you can learn exactly how to problem solve through the staging and shooting process.

Unlike other photography courses that choose the right item to present in the right shooting environments, we show you the common problems you'll encounter when shooting in less and ideal lighting.  

This is how you learn to problem solve on your own and eventually achieve pride in your jewelry photos.

Want to see the photos taken throughout the course?   Click here to to see real photography results from the suggestions we've made in these training videos.  

The above amethyst necklace photo was taken by Matthew Perosi during the Infinity Table segment.


What camera do I need for this course?

The course teaches smartphone and DSLR photography.  It's okay if you don't have a camera yet; in fact, chapters 1 through 7 teach you all about photography basics without you ever needing to pick up a camera.  We do recommend Canon cameras and you'll find out why in Chapter 6.

I'm brand new to jewelry photography; can this course really help me?

The techniques presented in this course are in-depth and presented in a friendly, easy to understand way.  The lessons have already been presented to hundreds of jewelers throughout the USA and fine tuned for this course to answer all the questions commonly asked during a live class.  Watch each section at your own pace, and watch them again for a refresher whenever needed.

I've already figured out how to take jewelry photos; will I learn anything new?

Photographers with years of experience and even those who majored in photography in college have all walked away with something new and feeling like they had a full refresher course.  Matthew Perosi's way of teaching photography is unique and down to earth so even the hardest concepts can be remembered.

Is there a time limit for taking the course?

Unlike other jewelry photography training, this entire jewelry photography course is not presented as a webinar or a membership website.  Once you purchase the course you will receive a link to download the course to your computer.  From there you'll be able to watch it at your own pace again and again.

The techniques presented in this course will be good for many years to come, which means this one-time purchase is probably the only one of it's kind you'll need in your career.

What photography equipment will I need?

This course will present several different types of photography studios.  After watching the first few videos you'll be able to choose the type of studio setup that works best for your space; although you really should wait until you get to Chapter 12 before investing into anything.  

The flash photography technique presented in Chapter 12 will surprise most novice and experienced photographers.

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You won't ever find anything like this course anywhere else online for less than what we sell it for.  

This jewelry photography class will help you choose the right photography studio to purchase without spending a lot of money experimenting on your own.

Course Curriculum

Jewelry Photography Training with Matthew Perosi

  1. Introduction to the course and the explanation of why it's so important to optimize your time and choose the right equipment and studio setup. Most of this chapter is in the course study guide.  Read the full Chapter 1 description.
  2. Discover how sunlight affects your photography and what you need to do to take the right photos indoors and out.  The course study guide and the training video offer a full explanation of all your lighting concerns. Read the full Chapter 2 description.
  3. Aperture and Depth-of-Field are very confusing for most people to learn and remember.  In this chapter we present our own method of remembering how f-stops work and how you can remember them.  We also explain why your light intensity is so important for capturing sharp jewelry photos. There's a lot of information presented in the study material and on video.  Read the full Chapter 3 description.
  4. It's important to understand the ISO/film speed you're choosing for your photography.  Find out why it's better to have ISO 100 instead of ISO 800 and the appropriate uses for photos taken with different film speeds. Read the full Chapter 4 description.
  5. Hopefully we can talk you out of using a macro lens for your DSLR jewelry photography.  Other courses teach you how to use DSLR macro lenses even though they have depth-of-field limitations.  We don't teach photo stacking or how to shoot a photo from across the room; we teach you how to take a photo with a common inexpensive lens. We'll also explain the best uses of lens attachments for your smartphones.  Read the full Chapter 5 description.
  6. What camera should you choose for your DSLR photography?  In this chapter you'll find out our recommendations.  Read the full Chapter 6 description.
  7. Props are used when you want to add intriguing photos to your website and have flashy social media photos.  Without props, these "editorial" and "lifestyle" photos would look boring.  We'll explain where to get props and help you realize you probably already have many laying around your house. Read the full Chapter 7 description
  8. This short chapter explains how to set up the Canon camera and the tethered desktop software. Read the full Chapter 8 description.
  9. The infinity table photo studio is very similar to shooting jewelry on your desk with bright lights.  We'll explain all the pitfalls of this studio setup and show you how to take and edit photos with a DSLR and a smartphone. Read the full Chapter 9 description.
  10. Many companies sell fully enclosed photo studios with different types of built-in lights.  In this chapter we'll show you how to capture DSLR photos with these enclosures. Read the full Chapter 10 description.
  11. Inexpensive LED photo studios are flooding the market and everyone wants to shoot their smartphone photos in them, but are they really good enough?  This chapter of the training will dive deeply into the construction of these LED studios and how to take DSLR and smartphone photos using them. Read the full Chapter 11 description.
  12. This chapter of the course is unique to our training, and we've saved the best for last.  We'll explain the concept of flash photography and why it fixes the light intensity issues and depth-of-field issues explained in the early chapters.  After you learn how to use flash photography for jewelry you'll never want to use any other method with your DSLR camera. Read the full Chapter 12 description.

Don't Invest in Equipment Until You Watch this Course

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Go ahead and look at all the photo studio box options you find online or at trade shows, but don't buy any until you have completed this jewelry photography class. Learn what you need to know about jewelry lighting and depth-of-field before spending money on a photo equipment that might not be right for you.