Chapter 5: Jewelry Photography Lenses

There seems to be controversy over the type of lens to use for jewelry photography, and that controversy often leads to the purchase of an expensive, and unnecessary photography lens. 

There’s a lot of jewelry photography training online that shows how to use a macro lens to capture photos of jewelry.  We don't believe you should be using macro lenses for DSLR photography, which is why we showed you how to use 18-55mm DSLR lenses.  Macro lenses have their place and purpose for smartphone photography, but generally using them on DSLR cameras is a waste of time and a lot of your money.

Before you spend hundreds on a macro lens consider purchasing this course for much less than the cost of a that lens; we bet you won't regret it.

Consider that macro lenses were invented for purely scientific and educational purposes so people could see things that couldn't be seen with the naked eye. All the jewelry photography training you find online attempts to teach you how to overcome the limitations of macro lenses without ever addressing the simple truth: macro lenses should never be used for DSLR jewelry photos. 

In this chapter, and video, you'll find out exactly why macro lenses are wrong to use with your DSLR camera as well as useful ideas for using a macro lens on your smartphone for social media photos.

Watch the preview video below to get a sneak peek of this video chapter. 

DSLR lens used in jewelry photography

DSLR lens used in jewelry photography 


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