Chapter 6: Choosing Your Jewelry Photography Camera

Throughout our jewelry photography video training we are using a Canon T6i DSLR camera and an iPhone 6s.  In this chapter video, as well as the written study material, you'll find out a lot about the quality of today's smartphone cameras compared to today's DSLR cameras.  You'll also find out why we prefer the Canon as your jewelry camera instead of Nikon cameras.  

You certainly do not need the latest and greatest camera to shoot your jewelry.  Once you get through this chapter, you'll know exactly what camera to buy.  In other words, you don't need a DSLR camera before you buy this course; you can start with your smartphone and then choose to buy a DSLR camera later.

Watch the preview video below to get a sneak peek of this video chapter. 

Sample Canon camera settings needed for jewelry photography

Sample Canon camera settings needed for jewelry photography



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